Prayer focus : The World

Bible Reading: Genesis 3-5


“He said to the woman” (Genesis 3:1a)


“He said to the woman” is a very simple phrase, commonplace, and totally ordinary, until you replace the personal pronoun “He” with the noun it refers to; the serpent.

God creating the universe in 6 days is reasonable to me, it makes perfect sense; building, builder; painting painter; universe, universe maker. Logical.  But the scriptures don’t let you get more than 2 chapters in before it forces you to make a choice: believe it, or not.


God regularly offers proof in scripture whether it’s by fulfilled prophecy, or physical evidence.  God told us he would send a Savior and then He sent Jesus.  Jesus said he would rise from the grave and then he did and appeared to hundreds after the resurrection.

But not here.

It’s humbling and it won’t win us any debates, but sometimes you just have to take God at His word.  Thankfully, He is faithful to keep His word.  (1 Corinthians 1:9)


Lord, there is a lot we don’t understand, and it’s often enough to make us think that there is nothing worth understanding. Give us clarity in those times and the wisdom to know when to wrestle with it and when to let it go.