Prayer Focus: The Americas

Bible Reading: Job 10-13


But I desire to speak my case to the Almighty and to argue my case with God.  Job 13:3


Job is certain of his innocence.  He is so sure of it he is willing to take the case directly before God.  He is convinced that his friends are so stupid that the wisest thing they could do is to shut up.  So, he sets the stage for a confrontation with the Lord and the stakes are high; either he is right, or he is dead (Job 13:19).  Yet, Job is also certain that God is the Almighty and in12:13-25 Job describes that great power and high position of the Lord.  Making it clear that Job is not trying to put himself above God with his argument of innocence, he’s trying to get back on God’s good side.


I’d like to say I couldn’t imagine talking to God the way Job has, but I have.  What I find interesting here is that in the midst of Job wanting to take his case to the Lord and vehemently maintaining his innocence and calling his friends worthless physicians, Job still maintains that God is sovereign, almighty, and just.  He wants to take his case before the Lord because he knows God will give him a fair hearing.


Lord, You hear my complaints and You deal with me justly.  Remind me always that not only is there nothing I can hide from You, but also there is nothing that I need to hide from You.  Amen.