Prayer Focus: Asia

Bible Reading: Job 22-24


“But he stands alone, and who can oppose him?
He does whatever he pleases.”  (Job 23:13)


It’s my observation that the human race, generally speaking, doesn’t like being out of control.  We like the idea of having a set of rules and promises that keep both parties within expected boundaries and offer us terms of fairness, so that we can seek redress if the need arises.  Contracts are good, we like those because it spells it all out.  Action plans are good too, they keep us busy and focused and build credit, right?  We like three points in the sermon and favorite bible verses so that we can hold God accountable to his word for our futures.  It makes us feel safe, doesn’t it?

What an illusion!

How is it that Job got it?  He understood this about God.  Even with the help of Christ’s example and the work of the Holy Spirit, most of us still struggle with it.  Even with the pressures he was under, the advice he was getting from his friends, Job grasped that fundamental truth – that God does what he pleases – and clung to it while he grieved.


Today I will look in my life and see what areas I hold back from God, the things I don’t trust Him with because He wouldn’t do with them what I would.  Today I will examine my heart for all the things I hold back from God because I don’t think he’s being fair.


Lord, give me the courage to follow you into the places and spaces of my life where I keep the light off.  Help me surrender the things I hold hostage, refusing to release them because I want my own outcome.  Help me see not the illusion of control I think I have, but the things I miss because I haven’t shared it – surrendered it to you.  Thank you for loving me and being so very patient with me while I matured to the place where I could trust you with these things.  Deepen my faith, grow my trust, and hold my hand while I commit these things to you out of obedience.