Prayer Focus: Pacific

Bible Reading: Exodus 14-18


“In your unfailing love you will lead  the people you have redeemed.  In your strength you will guide them  to your holy dwelling.” (Exodus 15:13)


The Lord leads his people out of Egypt and defeats Pharaoh’s armies and the people praise him in song and dance.  They travel three days to Marah searching for water.  When they find it, it’s bitter, and they grumble against Moses.  The Lord makes the water sweet.  But no praises are given.

A couple months later they are looking for food and can’t find any and they grumble against Moses and even say it would have been better to die in Egypt.  Moses warns the Israelites that their complaints are really with the Lord.  Even so, the Lord sends Quail and Manna and they eat and were never again without Manna for the 40 years.  No praises are recorded.

Later the Israelites can’t find water and grumble against Moses and again ask if they only came out of Egypt to die in the desert.  The Lord sends water from a rock.  No praise recorded.  Even the place is named after the Israelite’s complaint, “Is this among us or not?”

The Israelites are attacked by the Amalekites, but the Lord gives them victory.  Moses builds an altar, but no praises are recorded.

Moses meets up with his father-in-law who wasn’t with them in Egypt.  He tells Jethro of all the great things that the Lord did for them and how the Lord saved them from the Egyptians.  Jethro, finally Jethro, praises God.


Sometimes we need a different perspective.  How many times do you think Moses stood before the people dumbfounded by their complaints?  How many miracles did they need before they started trusting God?   Moses’ face probably lit up when Jethro praised the Lord after hearing the stories.  I can imagine Moses was bracing himself waiting for Jethro to say, “Wow, why didn’t God just let you die in Egypt?”  What a relief it must have been to finally here something other than grumbling.


Lord, I know I can grumble with the best of them.  Please, please, please, always send someone my way who can remind me of all the good things you have done when I forgot.  Please send someone who can praise you for me when I feel defeated.  Thank you for being faithful and patient with me as I struggle through this life giving in to despair when I should be rejoicing in what you are about to do next to bring glory and honor to your name.  Praise God!