Prayer Focus: American Samoa, Andora

Bible Reading: Exodus 37-40


Then he hung the curtains forming the courtyard around the Tabernacle and the altar. And he set up the curtain at the entrance of the courtyard. So at last Moses finished the work. (Exodus 40:33)


Remember that old phrase, “The devil is in the details”?  I’ve got Biblical proof that God is in the details.  We have chapter after chapter of the intricate step by step process taken to build the Ark of the Covenant, the Altar, the Temple and even the clothing for the Priests.  You don’t haphazardly build the House of God, or the accoutrements that go with it.  This must have been a painstaking journey of exacting effort.  And now Moses hangs the curtains around the whole thing.  What the craftsman had spent so much blood, sweat and tears to produce he was now kept from seeing.  From here on, only the Priest could enter and only after following precise rituals.  Because this IS the House of God.


There is so much foreshadowing in these passages.  The detail put into the work reminds of Matthew 6 when Jesus talked about God caring for the birds and the flowers and if he cares about them, with so little a life span, how much more must our heavenly father care about us!  The hanging of the curtains signifying that Moses could no longer enter the temple is book ended with Matthew 27 when Jesus is crucified and the curtain is torn in two.  In other words, we are no longer separated from God by curtain and rituals, but instead we have full access to God; he has taken up residence within us through his Holy Spirit.

I admit I have a tendency to skip over these chapters because they appear so boring, but with every needle and thread, every strike of the hammer on the chisel, every molding of a dish, remember that God took even greater care in creating and sustaining you.


Lord, you have done so much for me and too often I gloss over the little things looking for the big things.  If ever there was a time to stop and smell the roses that time is now.  Our lives blow past us at a furious pace in this digital world and sometimes I can’t help but wonder if that is a trick of the devil to keep us distracted so we don’t see the detail in the way you craft our lives and care for us.  Slow me down, Lord.  Show me the detail.  Amen!