Prayer Focus: Canada

Bible Reading: Judges 19-21


In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit. (Judges 21:25)


It’s hard to imagine a nation without one primary leader, yet it was God’s intentions to be their leader, their God, their King. Judges were obviously prominent (hence the name of the book!) but the people still sought the direction and counsel of the Almighty.


It’s hard for me to imagine a nation led by God. Sure, the people were consistently disobedient, but nevertheless they frequently cried out to Him for help and wisdom. When I think about our nation, I question the relevance of our famous slogan “in God we trust.” Oh that it would be true of the United States of America, that we would trust the Creator more than our president, celebrities, or ourselves.


Almighty God, it is my prayer that You would be the leader of my life, my family, our nation, and our world. Our country is so messed up. Forgive us for our wicked idolatry. Heal our land. Bring us back to You. Expose the folly of narcissism. May it be said of us that You are our King. In Jesus’ Name, amen.