Prayer Focus: Fiji

Bible Reading: Psalm 119:1-88


I have stored up your word in my heart,
that I might not sin against you. (Psalm 119:11)


The LAW!  The Law of God does not equate to legalism.  This is filled with phrase after phrase of delight in the law, blessings from keeping the law, and honoring God by keeping the law.  All good stuff.  When we keep God’s Law in our heart we can use the Law as a curb, guide and mirror.


The Law becomes legalism when we usurp God’s place as Judge.  Accountability is a good thing and we should do our best, as spiritual siblings, to remind each other of God’s expectations.  But we’re siblings, not parents to each other.  If we do have to discipline each other, the utmost care has to be taken.

But, here’s the good news.  When we use God’s Law as a curb to keep us on the path, as a guide to our behavior, and mirror to remind us what we have become then we actually have greater freedom.  Do not confuse sinful behavior with freedom.  Sinful behavior creates a prison.  If you steal you might enjoy what you’ve stolen, but you’ll end up in jail.  Godly behavior gives freedom.  Stay pure before marriage and stay true to your spouse and you’ll enjoy great freedom!


Lord, thank you for your Law.  I know we’ve misused and tried to put ourselves in Your place as Judge, but forgive us and teach us how to use Your Law the way it was meant, with love and respect, so that Your people can enjoy freedom that the world will want to know more about!  Amen!