Prayer Focus: France

Bible Reading: Psalm 119:89-176


You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.

Away from me, you evildoers, that I may keep the commands of my God! (Psalm 119:114-115)


The psalmist was focused. He knew God was his refuge and shield. He knew the value of the word of God. He did more, though. He thwarted the crowds that tried to distract him and lure him into sin. The New Living Translation says, “Get out of my life, you evil-minded people, for I intend to obey the commands of my God.” Amen!


Oh that I would say those words daily, “Get out of my life,” to the lies of our society that bombard us every day through billboards, Facebook, television, movies, the newspaper (on the days that it is published!) and gathering places. The Word of God is such a stark contrast to the depravity of our culture, yet I am often tempted to blend into the politically correct rather than the biblically correct.


LORD, I call You LORD, but often You are not. I am sorry. I say that I love Your Word, yet I often ignore it. I am sorry. I want to want You, though other things often look more appealing. I am sorry. I want to have a laser-like focus on You and Your Word and filter out the lies of the world. I need Your help to keep Your commands. Fill me, Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, amen.