Prayer Focus: Germany

Bible Reading: Proverbs 9-12

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10)

The most common command in the Bible is “fear not.” some have counted 366 usages of the phrase, one for every day of the year including leap year. There is One that we are to fear, and to do so will result in wisdom and understanding.

In this case, fear is more than a raw emotion or uncontrolled response. Fear is an action. It is a noun, but a proactive one. We must have awe and respect for and actively pursue God, His wisdom, His instruction, and His ways. There are many alleged sources of wisdom in our world, but none can compare to the Source of all truth, the Author of wisdom.

LORD, I pray for wisdom and a heart of understanding. I fear and want to know You more today than ever before. Help me fear only You. Thank You for Your Word and the wisdom contained within. In Jesus’ Name, amen.