Prayer Focus: Gibraltar, Greece

Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 2-3; 1 Kings 5-6


He built the Most Holy Place,a its length corresponding to the width of the temple—twenty cubits long and twenty cubits wide. He overlaid the inside with six hundred talents of fine gold. (2 Chronicles 3:8)


If my calculations are correct, 600 talents is 45,000 pounds, 20,400 kilograms, or 20,400,000 grams. At $52/gram, just the gold overlay of the Most Holy Place was worth more than $1 billion at today’s gold prices! What a spectacular temple!


What happened to those 23 tons of gold? How much more gold will be found in the “streets of gold” (Revelation 21:21) in heaven!


Awesome God, I can only imagine the beauty of the temple, much less heaven! Your home is more worthy of extravagance than any Hollywood celebrity, Las Vegas casino, or corporate headquarters. I praise Your holy Name and majesty. In Jesus’ Name, amen.