Prayer Focus: Guyana

Bible Reading: Ecclesiastes 7-12


A good name is better than precious ointment (Ecclesiastes 7:1)


A good name, a good reputation, is a valuable thing.  More valuable then the material things that we think are valuable.


Our sin works against what God intends for us.  God calls to maintain a good name, so that people will think well of us and in turn that reflects on God.  However, today’s culture, driven by our sin, has made it popular to ruin our reputation.  In other words, the worse your reputation the more popularity you gain.


Lord, although I can never be a perfect example I want people to glorify You when they think of me.  I also pray that our children would learn the importance of a good reputation and also to reach out to those that are trying to be as bad as possible to be popular.  It’s a crazy mixed up world, Lord, and You are the only light to lead us down the right path.