Prayer Focus: India

Bible Reading: 2 Kings 14-15; 2 Chronicles 25-27


Jotham grew powerful because he walked steadfastly before the Lord his God. (2 Chronicles 27:6)


This simple sentence speaks volumes about true success in life.


In the midst of one tragic story after another, Jotham is one of the few kings that followed God…and was blessed as a result.


LORD, may it be said of me that I walked steadfastly before You. While I don’t consciously seek power and I have no kingdom over which to rule, I do want to grow in influence in order to serve and bless others—at home, at Scio, and beyond. Forgive me for the countless times I do seek power for my own sake, and thank You for Your faithfulness to me, season after season, year after year. I love You, LORD! In Jesus’ Name, amen.