Prayer Focus: India

Bible Reading: Hosea 1-5


When the LORD first began speaking to Israel through Hosea, he said to him, “Go and marry a prostitute,t so that some of her children will be conceived in prostitution. This will illustrate how Israel has acted like a prostitute by turning against the LORD and worshiping other gods.”  Hosea 1:2

21 “In that day, I will answer,” says the LORD.  “I will answer the sky as it pleads for clouds.  And the sky will answer the earth with rain.22 Then the earth will answer the thirsty cries
of the grain, the grapevines, and the olive trees.  And they in turn will answer, ‘Jezreel’—‘God plants!’ 23 At that time I will plant a crop of Israelites and raise them for myself.  I will show love to those I called ‘Not loved.’ And to those I called ‘Not my people,’ I will say, ‘Now you are my people.’ And they will reply, ‘You are our God!’”  Hosea 2:21-23


God likes to do things in dramatic fashion.  He doesn’t pop the universe into existence, He dramatically brings into being with poetic phrase.  He doesn’t just snap his fingers and get rid of the evil, He sends a global flood.  He doesn’t just say, one day I’ll send my son to die for you, instead he takes Abraham on a three day journey to sacrifice his promised son.  Until the very last moment when He tells Abraham to stop.  Tell me that memory wasn’t etched in Abraham’s mind for the rest of his life, and his children’s, and so on to us.

God tells Hosea, marry a prostitute, because this will represent how Israel has chased after idols.  Hosea has children with the prostitute.  Jezreel, the first born, named after the land where many were murdered.  The next child’s name, “not loved.”  The next, “not my people.”  Can you imagine having a family that constantly reminds you of how angry God is at your people?


Hosea’s marriage was meant to convict Israel of their sin.  Hosea’s family started out as a dark and morbid reminder of the result of the sin.  But one day God would change all that.  One day Jezreel would mean “God plants.”  One God would say, “you are my people.”  And God’s people would say, “You are our God.”  God would restore the people and make all things new.

In Revelation John writes down the words of Jesus, “Look, I am making everything new!”  (Revelation 21:5)

That is going to be a great day for God’s people.


Lord, while I wouldn’t ask to be in Hosea, or Abraham’s, shoes, I thank you for the dramatic examples that are, ultimately, examples of your love and grace.  I look forward to the day when you return and make all things new and like everyone else we ask for you to make that day come soon.  Amen!