Prayer Focus: Niger

Bible Reading: Haggai 1-2


Then Haggai, the messenger of the Lord, spoke to the people with the Lord’s message, “I am with you, declares the Lord.”  Haggai 1:13


The Jews had been permitted to return home.  For years they looked after themselves and even though God was bringing them home they did not give honor to the Lord, or put Him first.  Haggai, the prophet, tells them they are building their house while the house of the Lord sits in ruins and because of this they sow much, but reap little, the eat but are never full, they drink but never get enough, the put their money in bags with holes.  Essentially everything they do comes to nothing.

But because of Haggai’s warning they turned to the Lord and put Him first.


Hearing God say, “I am with you,” is probably the most comforting thing a Christian can hear.  And for the Christian, God is always with us.

When Jesus was crucified the Temple curtain was torn in two and when Jesus rose from the dead he announced that His Spirit would live in us.  God is always with the Christian.

Since you are the Temple of God it makes sense to take stock of the condition of the Temple.  It’s not built with timbers, or stone, but by growing in faith and in holiness.
In Romans 8:13 & 14 Paul said

For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live, because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

Putting to death the misdeeds of the body means rooting out the sin in our lives and dealing with it, getting rid of it, not glossing over it, or embracing it.  It means reading God’s Word and learning from it.  It means praying, teaching, serving and sharing the Gospel with those who need to hear it.

If we do this we will build the Temple of the Lord.


Lord, I thank you for sending your Spirit and for dwelling in me.  Give me the strength and courage to face the sin in my life and deal with it so that I can bring honor and glory to your name instead of being a broken down Temple that is a dishonor to your name.  Amen!