Prayer Focus: Peru

Bible Reading: Matthew 1, Luke 1:1-2:38


A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham  Matthew 1:1 (NIV)


The opening to the New Testament is a walk through the history of Israel.  The first chapter of Matthew takes us through Jesus’ family line starting from Abraham through David all the way to Mary.  It could go back to Adam, but we’ll get to that later.

Jesus family is a motley crew.  Some of these names have some great stories, but their lives were links in a chain bringing the world to this point: the birth of the Messiah.


I’m always amazed at Joseph.  We don’t get a lot of detail about Joseph, but it seems clear that he loved Mary.  Through the scandal of her pregnancy he didn’t want her hurt.  When the angel said it was okay he went right back to her.  He had to love her to have that kind of devotion.

Back in 2006 the movie “The Nativity Story” attempted to flesh out the events of the birth of Christ.  There’s a line where Joseph marvels at the idea of raising the Son of God, but wonders if he’ll be able to teach Jesus anything.  How do you teach anything to the Son of God?

But Joseph was a man of integrity and if he wasn’t able to teach Jesus anything he certainly must have done his best to bring glory to God by giving Jesus a loving home.


Lord, I want to be a father like Joseph.  Joseph cared for his family, listened to you and raised the godliest of sons.  I realize my children aren’t toddlers any more, but I pray whatever influence I have on them is a good one.  Amen.