Prayer Focus: Romania

Bible Reading: Matthew 8:5-13,11:1-30; Luke 7


28 “I say to you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet he who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” 29 When all the people and the tax collectors heard this, they acknowledged God’s justice, having been baptized with the baptism of John. 30 But the Pharisees and the lawyers rejected God’s purpose for themselves, not having been baptized by John. (Luke 7:28-30)


This passage reveals Jesus’ heart and compassion as he heals, forgives, raises the dead, casts out demons, speaks Truth. . . and in the middle of all of this – being followed by crowds and hounded by Pharisees – He gives John props. Not only does Jesus model humility, but He also illustrates how to honor someone. Jesus states, there is no one greater than John. What a statement. What a guy (John), what a God (Jesus).


Two camps are on display here. Their responses reveal their hearts. What does your heart reveal about you? Do you, like John, like the crowds, like the sinful woman – understand and acknowledge your need? Do you reject or resist God’s purposes, fight against His plans, and try to go your own way? I think we all have moments of weakness, times we’d like a do-over. The important question is, in this moment, today, what camp are you in? Remember, you’re not alone. He’s promised to be with you. His Spirit is IN you. And the least in the kingdom of God is greater than John. Stop right now and ask God to show you where He is. Like John, if you’re doubting, ask. Then listen to His answer and respond.


Father, may I, like John, not take offense at You. Help me to acknowledge Your justice and live a life according to Your purpose for me. Help me to rely on Your strength when I’m weak. Help us, Your church, to bring Your justice to others and Your Good News to all peoples. For Jesus’ Name!